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Payroll Services

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is time-consuming for most companies. Green Payroll will handle all aspects of payroll including, tax deductions and tax filings, garnishments, tracking hours, PTO, benefit contributions, and deductions.


Tax Payments & Filings

Our payroll processing is electronic, safe, and secure. All federal, state and local tax withholdings are filed electronically. This reduces paperwork and saves time


Management Reports

Green Payroll offers over a multitude of different management reports to allow you to study your business from virtually any angle. And with Green Payroll, you can access them 24/7 through any web browser.


When there’s no room for error, the last thing you need is to question your lawful standing. Trust experts who understand the nuances of compliance.

Unemployment Filings & Reports

The Green Payroll’s state unemployment insurance service offers thorough administration and statement monitoring, which can help you promptly respond to claims, avoid fines, and retain rights to appeal.


Time & Attendance

Monitor, control and make better decisions about labor costs through automated and accurate time-keeping.

“Our system truly is a one stop shop for all your Payroll & Human Capital Management needs.”

Additional Benefits

We can house everything in one unit, which makes the user experience
much easier to use and put/get out information.

HR Support

Human Resources support is critical to protect your growing business.  You want your HR questions answered promptly to attract and retain the best talent and to keep yourself out of hot water.

Benefits Administration

It’s time for a benefits administration partnership that works. In a world of consumer-driven health, our fully outsourced solution helps employees make informed benefits decisions, enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction.


The best place to start is with a robust and comprehensive employee onboarding process. Importance Of Employee Onboarding. Onboarding in the workplace, whether positive or negative, creates a powerful impression in the minds of new hires.

Trainings & Poster Compliance

Green Payroll has helped organizations of all sizes stay in compliance with federal and state labor law poster requirements with a level of care and attention that we know you won’t find anywhere else.


Background checks

Green Payroll delivers comprehensive background check solutions and insights that enable employers to make confident choices, reduce risk, and maintain compliance.

Job Posting

Green Payroll simplifies the entire hiring & screening process, making it easier to compare, evaluate, and invite candidates into your workforce. By minimizing paperwork and reducing administrative load, this leaves more time for identifying qualified candidates.

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Green Payroll has made processing payroll quick and easy. They are also always there if we need assistance, or a question answered.

Bryan Drapac – General Manager
CMIT Solutions of Cleveland SW and Akron

“Great systems, and even better customer service. Have been a happy client for years.”

Michael Silberman

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