Who We Are

Green Payroll is a leading payroll service company that works with companies within the United States tax jurisdictions. Meaning, we can service all 50 states! With our cloud-based payroll solutions there is no geographic limitations to our services. When Green Payroll was established in 2013, our intentions were to bring a better service standard to our clients and truly offer paperless ways of working in the payroll industry. Our intentions from day 1 was to give access to our services without the use of printing checks, reports, etc. These are redundant methods of offering the same thing. Direct deposit, the use of pay cards (debit cards loaded on paydays) allow for not having to print checks. This wastes time and can lead to later deposits for employees, among other reasons. We push our clients to utilize these methods as it is better for them and the environment. It is also a more cost-effective way to work with companies and we look to make sure every client is not being charged for items we can remove from the process. This makes us into more of consultants than just another payroll provider.

What We Offer

GP also brings a HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT technology platform and much more than just payroll processing. From posting job openings through our payroll system to providing cobra benefits, we truly engage our clients with the entire employee lifecycle. 

  • Job posting
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Documents or Certifications
  • Trainings
  • Asset Tracking
  • Benefits Enrollment and Administration
  • Workers Comp Premiums Payments
  • 401k integration
  • Health benefits
  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
  • Time collection
  • Mobility through the use of smart devices for items such as remote time punches
  • Geo Fencing
  • PTO
  • Exit Interviews
  • Cobra Admin

Why Us?

By utilizing our offerings and tech, clients can look forward to saving time and money. With more automation of the back office, companies can look to streamline the processes that are in place and more effectively use their time on other, more profitable areas. Mundane manual process that must be completed, can be offloaded onto our platform and make the entire back office administrative duties far more strategic. This is so much more than payroll! 

Clients can offer trainings (OSHA) among others right in their platform. Think, bringing on a new employee that you found using the recruiter portion and then electronically onboarded (no more paper forms) and that same employee once onboarded populated in the payroll entry screen with the proper information already there (pay rate info) and through that same onboarding, the new employee is offered trainings to begin their new journey in that company. Raises are documented and tracked; health benefits are automatically offered once the grace period is fulfilled. Our system is truly a one stop shop for all the areas in the back office that have been traditionally not housed on the same platform/single login destination. This is where you can begin to understand the cost savings of not having multiple programs with multiple costs for each one. The systems do not “talk” to each other so there must be human interaction. This is the precise reason for using Green Payroll. We can house everything in one unit, which makes the user experience mush easier to use and put/get out information.